Golden Star
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On February 28, 2002, my grandfather, Floyd Almy passed away. My grandfather never said much unless you talked cars or drum and bugle corps. He enjoyed my poetry, but always teased it wasn't a poem unless it rhymed. He was a beautiful person and I miss him very much. This is for you Grandpa.

Golden Star

I wonder if a star fell
the night
you left us
if you were free
from the pain
the tears
you held within
We know the
price you paid
the war
the years
you suffered

I wonder if the moon shone bright
the night
you travelled home
guiding you with
a path of light
you from the dark
the unknown
the fears
you held within
we know the
heart you grew
was warm
with love
with hope
for a better future

I wonder if the earth
circles your soul
in rejoice
for your selflessness
the gifts you
left behind
to carry on
the truths
you held within
we know the
thoughts you gathered
were of the past
the used-to-be's
how life changed
right before your eyes
how complicated
it had all become

I wonder if a star fell
the night
God called you
to Him
how happy you must be
peace eternal
the gifts you left behind
with the love
and hope
you held within
your heart
and the thoughts
you gathered
from life
you so unselfishly lived.

Published in the Spring 2004 Banks of the Little Miami internet Journal of the Arts

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