Destiny's Child
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This poem is actually the third in a series of three. The first poem being 9-1-1. After I completed it, I felt a rush of peace wash over me. Tears still flood my eyes whenever 911 is mentioned. It was a deplorable act by a people who have never tasted true freedom. Maybe this is the beginning to achieving world peace.

Destiny's Child

Velvet darkness
soft peace
against the
blood-red sky
seems eternity
since the sun's
warmth enveloped
our naked
now barren
and shallow
lay between
good and evil
hearts and tears
money and security
we sit face to face
with a single
in the hand
of an innocent
whose hand will be
the first to cast
the bomb that
kills the child
and destroys the seed
of Hope
whose heart will
guide them to
plant the seed
with the child
and watch
our nations

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