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Poetry Library
   A Single Mother
   I Wanna Be
   The Bunny
   Ocean Dream
   Golden Star
   Internal Rapture
   Our Country
   Fallen Angel
   Verbotten         Desire
   Raging Storm

   Road Rage

    Destinys Child

Poets & Poems
   Nikki Giovanni
        "Kidnap Poem"
   Amy Lowell
        "The Letter"
   Pablo Neruda
        "Sonnet 17"
   Lorna Dee

        "Como lo         Siento"
        "Fruit Loops"

Poetry Links
   Banks of the Little Miami. . A Journal of the Arts
   Poetry Resources
   Academy of
        American Poets

Poems are an intricate force of imaginative power and beauty of thought and language.

Poetry has been an essential part of my life since I was 12 years old.
It has not only helped me through difficult times, but it has also opened up doors I never knew existed. I hope that by sharing my poetry with you, I can help you open new doors too.
So why not take a LK!

ALL poems are copyrighted.

If you have time to cruise, visit some of the poetry links. Read poetry or write some of your own. Also read some of the poems by my favorite Poets.

I have dedicated a portion of this site to the
Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival.
Due to financial issues, I was unable to attend Festival 2008.
I am hoping to make it to 2010 and will be sure to bring you all the news I can.
In the meantime, visit the festival site! Or checkout the other links to the left!

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