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The ocean
In your eyes
Where the blue
Touches the blue
And the sun's rays
Spread a blanket
Of diamonds
Along the
White-capped surface
Carries me away
With the turbulent tide
And all it's ecstasy
Drowning in it's
Own sweet rapture with
Each fall.
Let me float
Along the surface
Where the wind dances
To passion's
Harmonious song.
Take me to
The secret place
In your heart
So I may
Soothe your weary soul
Ignite the love that
Burns within your
Illusive temple.
Oh! Fill me with the magic
Of your sensuous touch
And poetic kisses
Hold me
Love me
Push me
Pull me
Close to your existence
I want to smell
Your essence
As it rubs against
My creamy skin
And we melt - mold - form
And rise into
The sun-kissed
Caps of your
Infinite ocean.

Published in the Spring 2004 Banks of the Little Miami internet Journal of the Arts.

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