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I sit in silence
As your hand slips
Slowly 'cross my back.
Tenderly you stroke
My hair and trace my face.
Little sparks of delight
Race down my spine.
Our eyes meet.
They glow with
A savage inner fire.
Hungrily we kiss:
Tongue to tongue
Lips to lips
Breath to breath.
Your tongue
Slides down my neck
My succulent breasts
White mounds eager
For your touch.
Your mouth engulfs
My ripe, strawberry-red nipple
Then the other.
Slowly your tongue
Traces a sensuous path
To ecstasy.
My body arches with
Each sweet taste.
Saturated with passion, desire
I beg to feel
Your swollen masculinity.
Slip inside me
Mmm so hard.
Mmm so soft.
Pump it - Pump it baby.
Slow - so slow.
I want to feel
Every slippery inch
Pulsate - Throb
Inside my warmth.
Yes - yes my love.
Tender sweet rhythm.
Fill me with your
Creamy juices.
Oh sensuous lover
You intoxicate me
With your passion.
Hold on tight
The ride has just begun.

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