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Where is the road to destiny?
To where does it lead?
How do I know it's the right path
The one that won't let my heart bleed.
It seems I've been down this path before
I recognize the trees.
A sweet tenacious tingle
Creeps along my spine
I shake at my knees.
I stand upon
My tippy toes
To see what I can see
It's cloudy
With a chance of heartache
But there will be
Lots of sunshine
Between the clouds of pain
I step back
From the start line
My heart pounds
A race to the finish
Or just a short trot?
I wonder what's in store
For me.
I think of the poetic verse
That surged between our lips
Not once had I experienced
A passion such as this
A clear blue sky lies ahead
And yonder there again
Should I take this bright clear path
Whose trees I've seen before?
Or should I take the path
That stands alone
As I should have taken before.
I reach out my hand
To the eddies of the wind
Unveil my heart
To the open skies
And begin the journey once again
It is a journey of hope
That this time, true love is here,
Right before my eyes.

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