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A fragrance
Colors the air
It embraces me
It clings
To my being
The sky
Clouds over
A wild wind
Rushes in
There you stand
In the doorway
Of my dreams
Your presence
Consumes me
Ecstasy pulses
Through my veins
Rushed with emotion
I melt
In your arms
As you whisk
Me to paradise
The rain dances
Angrily above us
We drown
Our souls in lust
Passion controls
Our destiny
Thunder clashes
Against the
Blackened sky
Screams of ecstasy
As lightning thrusts
Our naked silhouettes
Against the wall
Sweet intensity
Amidst boisterous
Fills the room
Aromas intertwine
Rising rising Then. .
Sudden silence
Encircles our bodies
The rain passes
Crystal blue swells
Over the sky
I stand alone
As I watch
You fade away
In the distance
Beyond the
Doorway of my dreams

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